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Professional Linen Hire and Hotel Laundry Service UK 

We offer linen and laundry hire services for hotels, B&Bs, healthcare, restaurants, and many more.

Why Choose Speedy Linen

Choose Speedy Linen for our exceptional services, a wide range of quality products, prompt delivery, and attention to detail. We prioritise your satisfaction and make your linen needs hassle-free.
A Higher Standard of Service
Speedy Linen sets a high standard of service with exceptional quality, prompt delivery, and a focus on customer satisfaction.
Responsibility and Accountability
We are recognised for our responsibility and accountability. We guarantee our commitment to high service levels and timings.
Delivery and Timeline
Our delivery and agreements are crucial factors in ensuring our timely and efficient fulfilment of orders while always meeting your expectations.
Flexibility and Scalability
Flexibility and scalability are vital for adapting to changing needs and expanding operations, ensuring long-term success and growth.

Providing Quick and Superior Services

We have sites located throughout the UK, enabling us to provide an efficient service to all our customers.
Linen Rental Service
Convenient linen rentals and professional laundry service for businesses and events. Fresh, quality linens without hassle. Enhance your experience!
Customers’ Own Goods – Linen Services
Revitalise your linens with our premium hire and laundry service. Exceptional care for your goods, delivering fresh results every time.
Workwear and Uniforms
Elevate your team's image with our workwear and uniform linen hire and laundry service. Fresh, clean garments for a professional impression.
We Deliver Back To You, Clean & Pristine!
Experience clean & pristine linens with our top-notch linen hire and laundry service. We deliver freshness right to your doorstep. Elevate your comfort.


We have customers with a variety of different needs that require various solutions. As we understand, everyone’s business runs differently. We try our best to ensure we give you the best possible solution.
Commercial laundry services
Commercial linen hire
Linen hire for events
Linen Hire for hotel & restaurant’s
Kitchen wear, tea towels etc
Free collection and delivery, minimum order applies
Large sheets washed for religious homes
Disposable hot towel
Gym Towels hire service
common questions

Why choose Speedy Linen Commercial Laundry?

Why Choose Speedy Linen Laundry?
Elevate your experience with Speedy Linen Laundry! Top-notch Linen hire and laundry service offering fresh, quality linens for your ultimate satisfaction
What does Speedy Linen Commercial Laundry offer?
Discover the excellence of Speedy Linen Commercial Laundry! We provide top-tier linen hire & laundry service for businesses, ensuring fresh and pristine linens to elevate your image.
What kind of service and quality can I expect from Speedy Linen Laundry?
At Speedy Linen Laundry, expect top-notch service and exceptional quality. We offer Linen hire and laundry service with fresh and pristine linens for your satisfaction.
Does Speedy Linen Laundry offer a tailor-made service?
Yes, Speedy Linen Laundry offers tailor-made service. We cater to your specific needs with our Linen hire and laundry service for ultimate satisfaction.
What quality of linen and towelling does Speedy Linen provide?
Speedy Linen offers a range of premium quality linen and towelling options, ensuring fresh, luxurious, and pristine products for your ultimate comfort and satisfaction.
What Is Your Average Turnaround Time On Rooms Linens?
Our average turnaround time on room linens is quick and efficient, ensuring fresh and pristine linens are ready for your guests in no time. Satisfaction guaranteed!
Do you cover my area?
Yes, we primarily focus on serving nationwide England. However, we are open to discussing further possibilities and potential coverage in your specific area
Our Testimonials

What others are saying about us

  • "Speedy Linen has been excellent in supplying Brighton Bed & Breakfast with hotel linen beds. Their efficient service, premium products, and attention to detail have significantly elevated our guests' comfort and overall experience."
    Joseph Blight
    Brighton Bed & Breakfast
  • "Speedy Linen has been exceptional in providing high-quality kitchen towels to 'Syrian & Lebanese' restaurants. Their quick delivery, top-notch products, and reliable service have greatly improved our kitchen operations, making them an invaluable partner in our success."
    Mark Boden
    Syrian & Lebanese Restaurants
  • "Speedy Linen has been exceptional in providing Vitality Hotels with top-notch hotel linen beds. Their prompt service, high-quality products, and attention to detail have greatly enhanced our guests' comfort and experience."
    Tony Adams
    Vitality Hotels


To make an enquiry, get in touch with a member of our team and tell us more about your linen needs.
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Speedy Linen, your premier partner in the hospitality industry, offers an extensive range of linen supplies and hire services tailored for hotels, restaurants, and event organizers. Specializing in commercial laundry services, we ensure your linen needs are met with utmost precision and care. Our services include commercial linen hire, hotel bed sheet supplies, kitchen linen supplies, and comprehensive laundry solutions. Whether you're looking for linen hire for hotels, restaurants, or events, Speedy Linen guarantees fresh, immaculate linen with convenient delivery and pickup options. Experience unparalleled quality and efficiency with Speedy Linen's services, designed to meet the specific needs of the hospitality sector. Trust us for all your linen and laundry service requirements, and elevate the standard of your establishment.

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